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Dutch couple from Altea, Spain looking for more ….. Privado

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Ubicación: Altea
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Together with a couple to a club is what we like to do, we try to go to a club every week!

By clubbing we like to meet in the club, drink something together, then everyone go their own way, if we meet in the play zones its two times the fun (but we do not like obligations, I think in the LS no one does so) meet again in the bar and relaxation areas to catch up! We love open spaces where everyone can walk just in, singles are no problem for us.

Occasionally a invite from a single man or to invite someone at our house we definitely like , this also with a couple or a group, however, is a club a trusted environment for us.

She is quite dominant in the play, He also but just as She he is always looking to surprise the other in their experience,

Furthermore, we like tryingu it all, the word no does not often come out of our mouths, if we don’t like it we will just speak up, that’s also what we expect from you.

She is bi curious He is not, however, he is not afraid of a stray hand. (Or more, if it’s in the game)

For us, honesty and open talk about sex or private matters is a must, closed people really do not need to respond.


Dutch couple from Altea, Spain looking for more …..

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